"Art of Nature" Workshops with Morag Patterson & Ted Lemming

Text by Morag Patterson

As well as visiting some well known destinations - think Iceland - we like to visit some of the less well known areas of natural beauty, and while the highlands of Scotland undoubtably offer fantastic venues we think Dumfries and Galloway has a unique appeal and offers the opportunity to create some truly original work, away from the crowds.  

Our workshops aim to help you define your own creative style and vision, with the benefit of two professional tutors, each with a unique 'eye' for something special.  

For people who like trying their hand at something a little different, we also specialise in teaching impressionist photography techniques, or intentional camera movement as it is also known.   Morag is now a qualified Dark Sky ranger for the Galloway Forest Park and will be running dark sky tours and workshops.

Please find details on their website: https://www.leemingpaterson.com