Dogsledding Photography Expedition in the Arctic Mountains of Norway

Lars Schneider

This is a premiere: In January 2015 Verticalshot Expeditions will host my first multi-day photo workshop. And I think it is justified to say that this is a one of a kind workshop: it will be held out in the wild, while we’ll be on a five day dogsledding tour through Norways Øvre Dividal Nationalpark, high above the arctic circle. The main focus will be on shooting northern lights, outdoor activities and landscapes, but of course there are plenty of happy dogs with us that will be wonderful models as well. Each participant will ride his/her own personal sled with up to eight dogs and we’ll be out on our own (with a great local guide of course) without any support from outside for the whole time.

I am really happy that we can offer this adventurous photo expedition for the first time in 2015 (21–29 January) and very much look forward to seeing you there.

Click here for more detailed infos and feel free to send any questions my way that you might have. And meanwhile, enjoy some shots from my last trip up there. This is, what you can expect to see and shoot …